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Gregory was a good boy😔

SolarWinds was a cybersecurity wakeup call, says Microsoft's president. The attack shined a light on both the sophistication of Russian attackers and the connected nature of the software supply chain. Dossier Was a Fraud Orchestrated By Clinton & the Media | RealClearPolitics Sunisa Lee, Olympic gymnast, says she was pepper-sprayed in a racist attack The all-around champion, who is Hmong American, says she was with a group of friends of Asian descent in Los Angeles ... Marley's Ghost | Stave 2: The First of the Three Spirits Stave 3: The Second of the Three Spirits | Stave 4: The Last of the Spirits Stave 5: The End of It A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens Stave 1: Marley's Ghost arley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. Posted by JR. It's A Cold World Out There: Shawty Told Her Man She Was Pregnant And His Reaction Was Priceless! A Moroccan man was shot to death in Texas while sitting in his car The Council on American Islamic Relations is calling for a complete and independent investigation of the killing in Caldwell ... Latest News. Call For Expressions of Interest, Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health, 2023 Casino Online Deutschland; WAS President, Pedro Nobre, speaks before the United Nations Committee on NGOs about WAS’s application to join this committee and the importance of including WAS and our sexual health professionals — researchers, doctors, practitioners, specialists, experts ... The small country settlement of Mount Pleasant, about six miles northeast of Fulton in Oswego County, was not the kind of place people ever talked about or thought of visiting in 1893. “It is ... A 15-year-old vanished without knowing he was a father. An Oregon cold case helped his daughter learn his fate. He Was Better Off Going To Gamestop: Dude Goes To A Pawn Shop & Ask How Much They Would Buy His PS5 For & You Wont Believe Their Offer! 536,846

2021.11.29 08:15 love-doopie Gregory was a good boy😔

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2021.11.29 08:15 Veteranplay Iptc going to smash buy or die!! Make money for Christmas with this rocket 🚀 Buy things that are down during pre-market not up!!

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2021.11.29 08:15 XBBLDGB Private Parking ticket is it worth furthering my appeal?

Sorry this is a basic one for here but just wanted some advise.
I recently got a parking ticket at a private car park, I was there for 48mins. And tried to pay but the machine wouldn’t take my payment. I tried 3/4 times. I checked on the level I parked on and couldn’t seen any other parking meters.
I appealed initially saying I tried to pay (with pictures) but wasn’t able to as the machine was faulty. They have responded saying they received other payments during this time and I could have payed by RingGo or used another machine. I don’t have ringgo, nor have I ever used it. Tbh I didn’t read the sign about RingGo.
I was cutting it fine for a dentist appointment so had to go, I tried to pay again once I got back but was unable to.
Is it worth me appealing this further or not?
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2021.11.29 08:15 UncleBigBanana I'm actually considering fasting

I'm actually considering fasting submitted by UncleBigBanana to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:15 Shieroz15 May be Ethan is related to Trinity killer.

My theory will be Harrison could have found Ethan related to Trinity killer and avenged his mother by trapping him in the murder attempt. He was viewing the podcast regarding his Mother's murder just before staging the trap.
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2021.11.29 08:15 Cartman-- (Chapter 1033) How do you feel about recent development? (no toxic please)

About Zoro freakin badass acoc coating?
Honestly i feel its too soon for him to use this upgrades, im quite surprised when see he actually uses it in Wano, but also as a fanboy i cant help to feel so happy and hyped
So what do you guys think?
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2021.11.29 08:15 RiotPatrIlck :O

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2021.11.29 08:15 CyCo_SNiP3Z Need help finding a ep

I can't for life of me remember the name of the band but the ep was two tracks one of which was a techo edm style, the release was from mainland Europe I remember it was avaliable via USB? The picture was edgy 2000s style with allot of blue colour?!?
Any help would be appreciated
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2021.11.29 08:15 Altruistic-Cupcake-7 I have this team right now Im just wondering if it’s better to keep de jong or to sell him and get Llorente(most likely regular gold card)?

I have this team right now Im just wondering if it’s better to keep de jong or to sell him and get Llorente(most likely regular gold card)? submitted by Altruistic-Cupcake-7 to fut [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:15 somebodyhelpimarock Removed a syngonium leaf from cockatiels mouth (after hours Vet has been contacted)

I just caught my tiel nibbling on a syngonium leaf. (this plant is usually inaccessible but i will do better in the future).
I managed to pull the plant out of her mouth and thankfully she had not ingested any of the plant.
As syngoniums are in the same family as monstera etc i assume the toxin is calcium oxalate crystals which cause irritation. What should i be doing over the next few hours (days?) to ensure she has not been poisoned.
Emergency vet said to flush her mouth with water although that was before we found out she hadn't eaten anything.
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2021.11.29 08:15 Bloomstarbms Gate.io soon… hold,

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2021.11.29 08:15 rcvg Help. She flew against the wall or something and now her nostril is red and dented. Normal or should I go to the vet. She acting normal.

Help. She flew against the wall or something and now her nostril is red and dented. Normal or should I go to the vet. She acting normal. submitted by rcvg to cockatiel [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:15 TMan___ සමහර ටොක් ටොක් බැලුවහම දාල ගියේ ඇයි කියල අපිට හිතාගන්න පුලුවන් අපේ හාන්දුරුවනේ 😖😖

සමහර ටොක් ටොක් බැලුවහම දාල ගියේ ඇයි කියල අපිට හිතාගන්න පුලුවන් අපේ හාන්දුරුවනේ 😖😖 submitted by TMan___ to TKASYLUM [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:15 Maldek999 $35 bonus + 5% back from CakeDefi for $25+ deposit (Ends December 3, 2021)

Cake Defi is a very easy-to-use Defi platform where you can earn attractive APY yields up to 45-60% by staking, lending or liquidity mining major cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, USDC, USDT and Litecoin.
They're running a promotion until December 3, 2021 where their deposit requirement is reduced to $25 (normally $50) to get your $30 referral signup bonus paid out in their native DFI token. On top of that, you can get 5% cashback on any amount of DFI token (including your bonus DFI payout) which you choose to lock up for 180 days or more in the "Freezer" (a.k.a. staking pool). Further, you get $5 by completing a simple quiz.
To get your full bonus,

  1. Sign up for Cake Defi using my referral link: https://cakedefi.com/?ref=751259
  2. Make sure the promo code 751259 is entered.
  3. Finish identity verification.
  4. Deposit $25 or more in any of the supported crypto (see this guide). I recommend at least $28-30 to account for temporary market fluctuations. This deposit must be your first-time deposit and must be made in a single transaction.
  5. Within a day or so, you will receive your $30 DFI bonus and it will be automatically allocated into the Freezer for 180-day lock up.
  6. If you want to increase your cashback on DFI, you can get more DFI token by swapping from other crypto or buying it in Cake Defi to put more in the Freezer.
  7. Get additional $5 by completing the Defi Chain quiz under the "Learn" tab.
  8. Your initial crypto deposit must stay in Cake Defi for 90 days or more.
  9. 180 days after your DFI token is first allocated to the Freezer, you will receive an added 5% reward on it. At this point, you can withdraw to exchanges that support DFI (KuCoin, Bittrex etc.) or swap to other cryptos.
Keep in mind that while you stake your DFI for 180 days, you'll be also earning hefty yields for your DFI token. They are giving 45.5% APY on DFI as of today, and it was around 60% just a few months ago. Of course you can stake your crypto deposit for yields, too. I just deposited and staked some DASH, which is earning 5.4% APY, for instance.
This Black Friday referral promo runs until 08:00 UTC on December 3, 2021.
For Cake Defi's official referral program rules, see their FAQ section.
Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing to use my referral link, in advance!

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2021.11.29 08:15 loverkiss123 Hej ja är en tjej på 18 som är väldigt fin och gymmar och har väldigt sexiga fötter. Om ni är intresserade kan ni kontakta mig och ja tar bara imon Swish😘😘

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2021.11.29 08:15 That_Mathematician14 Alguém pra fazer um vídeo gozando na minha sobrinha gostosa ?

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2021.11.29 08:15 IIWIIM8 Omicron variant detected in more countries as scientists race to find answers | 29NOV21

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2021.11.29 08:15 Stonimahoni Quake VR reload, run and jump part 1 complete episode 1

Quake VR reload, run and jump part 1 complete episode 1 submitted by Stonimahoni to SteamVR [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:15 jimis101 How to play Dungeonbowl. Bonehead podcast.

How to play Dungeonbowl. Bonehead podcast. submitted by jimis101 to dungeonbowl [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:15 Never_Comfortable Posting Rushia stuff daily until I run out of ideas: Day 7

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2021.11.29 08:15 GrindsMyGears07 Open Letter by the SmugDoge developer on past events and upcoming plans for the future

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2021.11.29 08:15 plumbumber E3-1230V2 vs Ryzen 2700x

I have a DIY unraid box with a micro atx supermicroboard and a E3-1230V2. I'm thinking of upgrading my desktop which contains a 2700X (ryzen) and using it in my unraid box.
I was wondering, would the 2700x be a lot more power hungry? Obviously the cpu has the ability to use more wattage, but I'm talking more in terms of idle power and low usage(efficiency).
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2021.11.29 08:15 Tomie_Kawakami2 oh no......

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2021.11.29 08:15 HaterHaterLater Using Selphids to Modify A Person's Body

I just had an idea.
Like, if a person has a selphid in their body when they were a baby, can the selphid slowly modify the baby's appearance as they age?
Or can they change the host's appearance in a few months or even weeks?
Like I'm not an expert on human biology, so let me know what you think!
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2021.11.29 08:15 Smashball96 She wants the asymptotic Big O.

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