Help with decision.

2021.10.28 08:37 adesile Help with decision.

Help with decision. Okay, so I'm into my 3rd season in the USA DB, I'm in the Chase Championship and 2-3 games into the season. The window has yet to close and my star striker is constantly bid on by teams in the majors.
This is the guy, a big money signing from my first season in the United League e.g.
Record signing but considering his ability, he hasn't REALLY pulled up any trees
Ability wise, overall, he's on another level to most of my players
I've been offered a fee of 16 million initially, which could rise to 21. Honestly, I would've liked that all up front. But they have made the offer non-negotiable AND I've already rejected quite a few offers and as you can see he has "stated his desire to leave".
15-16 million potential profit isn't bad
He's stats in the previous season aren't incredible, but I feel this season, after a year settling into the team he's about to hit the ground running, he has one goal already and he got the majority of his goals last season towards the end of the season.
I also think because of his ability outside of the normal striker stats, he is actually more effective in terms of the teams build up place.
But other than that, the key reason I don't want to sell him is that he's going to a team I will need to beat once we reach the Majors.
All that said, I do have alternatives, I've got 2-3 young players who could do with more game time e.g.
Another young Brazilian, lots of potential.
6'5\" 18 y/o with 15 finishing you say?
And I also have former USA international striker in my squad Bobby Wood e.g.
Bit of a goal machine backend of last season
To top it all off, I have managed to find another striker on loan (Zealand would be proud) from Arsenal:
What is he doing coming to play in the Chase Championship!?
So in terms of pure backups, I actually have a few options and it could be argued that Folarin Balogun is easily an improvement on Marcos Leonardo.
Still, I think what holds me back on pulling the trigger is the fact that it's Seattle that want him... can I let him go?
What do you think?
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2021.10.28 08:37 Ok-Cry-7243 Some Captain Ringo pics from a book I just bought to lighten your day✌❤

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2021.10.28 08:37 InkPeaWoomyAlt Let's destroy the 02 cult, shall we? (+ Free meme template)

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2021.10.28 08:37 DiogenesK-9 Shit-Weasel and Ex-President, Donald Trump Hurls a Shit-ton of lies in a letter to the Wall Street Journal about his humiliating loss in Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election, He Even Blames Fellow Shit-Weasel Bill Barr. It's Embarrassing, Even For Trump...

Shit-Weasel and Ex-President, Donald Trump Hurls a Shit-ton of lies in a letter to the Wall Street Journal about his humiliating loss in Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election, He Even Blames Fellow Shit-Weasel Bill Barr. It's Embarrassing, Even For Trump... submitted by DiogenesK-9 to Trumpvirus [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 08:37 Flea_Flicker Where should I start learning about repairing electronics?

Hey all. I don't know much about the insides of electronics, but I'd like to learn how to repair them myself, what tools I'd need, etc. It'd be a nice skill to have since I'm "financially challenged" and would like to save money repairing things if possible instead of replacing.
So if anyone knows a youtube series or something like that that starts from the basics and moves forward from there I'd be appreciative!
Thanks for your time.
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2021.10.28 08:37 pean29 Here’s my Joey Jordison outfit in school today

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2021.10.28 08:37 joseph_joestar___ i bought some nifty stuff to decorate the m1 helmet I’ll receive in a few days

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2021.10.28 08:37 Golding215 Glasfaserkabel durchtrennt, hunderte Anwohner ohne Telefon und Internet. Nach 1 1/2 Tagen hat es die Telekom immer noch nicht repariert

Bauarbeiter haben scheinbar die Glasfaserleitung zur Verteilerstelle durchtrennt. Also sind jetzt mehrere hundert Anwohner ohne Telefon und Internet. Mobilfunkempfang lässt an vielen Stellen auch zu wünschen übrig. Das ganze war gestern früh und nach meinem Kenntnisstand wurde gestern von Seiten der Telekom nichts unternommen. Mit dem Thema Krankenwagen rufen oder so Fang ich gar nicht erst an...
Es kann doch nicht so schwer sein provisorisch ein Glasfaserkabel zu flicken? Das Loch ist ja schon da. Dann repariert man das notdürftig und dann kann weitergeschaut werden was gemacht werden soll. Aber scheinbar ist das zu viel verlangt.
Es geht doch hier um (inzwischen mehr denn je) kritische Infrastruktur, da muss es ein ordentliches Krisenmanagement geben und das muss schnell behoben werden. Und damit meine ich maximal 24 Stunden. Klar ist das etwas egoistisch, weil ich will ja Internet haben, dafür muss wer anderes eben warten. Aber es geht ja um mehrere Hundert Anwohner.
Prinzipiell bin ich absolut zufrieden mit der Telekom als Provider (außer mit dem Preis) aber als Netzbetreiber sehe ich das als absolutes Versagen an. Laut Aussage der Bauarbeiter (hätte natürlich gar nicht erst passieren dürfen, dass die das Kabel durchtrennen) dauert das Erfahrungsgemäß länger. Ich befürchte da geht frühestens nach dem Wochenende wieder was.
Wer hat denn Erfahrung mit der Dauer von so etwas? Wie großzügig ist die Telekom bezüglich kostenlosem Datenvolumen für Kunden mit Festnetz- und Mobilfunkvertrag bei Telekom?
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2021.10.28 08:37 sunglasses____ Leg cramps and shortness of breath - is this normal?

I am 22 y/o and have never experienced this before. I usually have painful abdominal cramps and have PCOS. Got my period earlier today and I had dizziness, shortness of breath and leg cramps. I called a cab immediately because I legit felt like I was going to faint. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Is this normal?
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2021.10.28 08:37 sunbro42 Now to never touch the stock market again 😵 (1 year of CpS in market profits shadow achievement)

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2021.10.28 08:37 Th3GuyWithPants Simple question about XRP

Guys, I have a simple question about XRP that no one can explain to me.
If all banks and clients have sandbox or private ledgers why would XRP price go up ever when everything can happen on sidechain?
If agencies / people start using XRP without exchanges, how does the price rise? Ripple sells direct to its customers, so there is no price increase on that avenue. I'm sure R3 does the same with their customers. Banks and governments are most likely in the same boat.
I have nothing against ripple, on the contrary, I invested in XRP, but this doubt is in my head every day.
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2021.10.28 08:37 -E-R-R-O-R_404- I'm planning in starting to playing overwatch again. Haven't played in around 5-6 months. Any tips?

I stopped playing overwatch around may-June ish to start working on my mental health a but and physical health. So far lost 10 lbs and my stamina has increased drastically But that's besides the point.
Once summer break was over I started playing apex another and got pretty decent at it so far, but I need another 1st person shooter that won't fake me another few months to get good at, so I decided I should start playing overwatch again.
I just need general tips, who's good right now, what's meta etc. Used to be a high diamond tank player peaking 3580 ish I think. Planning on getting all my roles to masters. Would appreciate tips for any role! Thanks in advance !
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2021.10.28 08:37 Nohan07 Les policiers démantèlent deux points de deal en moins de 24h

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2021.10.28 08:37 ComprehensiveMail785 M20

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2021.10.28 08:37 Particular_Yogurt_52

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2021.10.28 08:37 HJenkinsRSN Cain Velasquez Doesn't Hold Any Grudges About WWE Release

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2021.10.28 08:37 Bettingcrowned248 Madden 22 ps4

Looking for more players - just started the discord it’s fully functional have 3 joined so far it’s only been 2 days. Looking for more people to join!!! dont join to leave that’s pointless let’s fill this league up and get it going. Full rules set to play as realistic as possible without taking to much of your pkay style away.
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2021.10.28 08:37 maxhorst Warum zahlt ihr keine GIS bzw. findet es schlimm sie zu zahlen?

Weil hier ja oft die GIS Thema ist, würde mich interessieren, warum ihr keine Gebühren zahlt/zahlen wollt. Für mich ist es ein wichtiger Beitrag zu unabhängigem Journalismus, deswegen zahle ich sie eigentlich vergleichsweise gerne. Lieber als Netflix oder Handy- und Internetvertrag.
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2021.10.28 08:37 PHealthy Fluvoxamine: Cheap, generic anti-depressant called Luvox may reduce severe Covid-19 disease, study finds

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2021.10.28 08:37 sin_ese Ayuda: Carabineros me detuvo por ir pagar mis impuestos a la oficina de Servicio de Impuestos Internos y recibí malos tratos de los funcionarios de dicha oficina

Hola, ayer fui al SII para pagar mis impuestos, es primera vez que lo hago, bueno, la situación fue así:
Llegué a la oficina, cuando entré todos me miraron, me sentí muy incómodo, soy un poco tímido pero me armé de valor y me dirigí donde una señorita que tenía cara amable, ella estaba tras un escritorio y delante de ella una silla desocupada, así que me senté ahí, me costó harto porque tengo dificultad de movimiento para hacer ese tipo de cosas, mientras lo hacía ella se reía, desde ese momento comienza mi calvario. La miré y ella estaba muy sorprendida y sonreía al mirarme, yo la ignoré y comencé a decirle que venía a pagar mis impuestos, necesitaba ayuda porque no sé cuanto dinero es o si puedo pagar en especies y como debo hacer el proceso, ella seguía sonriendo y es como si no me entendiera, posteriormente llamó a sus compañeras, ellas se llevaron la mano a su boca y también se sorprendieron, decían “mira que lindo”, “mira que tierna su carita”, yo no entendía nada, estaba completamente sonrojado y molesto, luego comenzaron a sacar sus celulares y a tomarme fotos, los flashes de sus celulares encandilaban mis delicados ojos cafés, “amiga, mira que lindo” repetían una y otra vez, era una verdadera pesadilla, para el lado que mirara había una funcionaria tomándome fotos o videos, reconozco que luego de eso quizás mi comportamiento fue un poco agresivo, pero ya estaba colapsado: golpeé fuerte la mesa que era de cristal y esta se rompió, ahí ellas cambiaron su comportamiento inmediatamente y de la risas pasaron a la preocupación, “llama a Carabineros” dijeron, yo me asusté y quise escapar de la oficina, pero el guardia alcanzó a cerrar la puerta y quedé encerrado en la oficina. Carabineros llegó rápido, eran 2, estaba muy asustado y arrinconado en una esquina, tenía sangre producto del golpe en la mesa, uno de los Carabineros se acercó muy amablemente y me dijo “ven, no te quiero hacer daño, te quiero ayudar” y estiró su mano en señal de amistad creo, por primera vez alguien se ofrecía a ayudarme y no cosificarme, así que me acerqué, me tomó en brazos y me sacó de la oficina, todos con sus celulares me sacaban fotos, era lo único que hacía la gente de esa nefasta oficina, mi cuerpo entero temblaba de terror, estaba devastado, yo creía que era un ciudadano más de este país, que era respetado y querido y recibí ese desgraciado trato por esas funcionarías. Mientras uno de los caballeros de verde me llevaba en sus brazos su compañero abrió la parte de atrás de la patrulla y le dijo “mételo ahí”, quien me estaba cargando le respondió “weón como lo vamos a echar ahí, mira como está herido, además está tranquilo, no es necesario ¡es un Pudú!, yo lo llevo en el asiento de copiloto en mis piernas”.
Estoy triste, yo solo quería pagar mi derecho a existir.
Traducido con Google traductor: Pudú-Español
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2021.10.28 08:37 PhoneAccount113 Mega Absol on Me! 5468 8245 7959

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2021.10.28 08:37 notyourusername1234 Lol 69 members 🎉🎊

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2021.10.28 08:37 PsChampion_007 You can't stop me

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2021.10.28 08:37 SatisfactionNo589 [WTB] Right hand glock 19/P80 sidecar tlr-1 hl preferably for threaded barrel (MA)

Taking your old sidecars off you as long as they fit the criteria. $55 but shoot me offers and comment before dming please
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2021.10.28 08:37 Weary-Swing7007 [XB1 Price Check] 2* TSE Assault Rifle?

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