[OC] my tiefling cleric 😌

2021.11.29 07:52 ogrygiel [OC] my tiefling cleric 😌

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2021.11.29 07:52 Diglettttt How to astral project

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2021.11.29 07:52 investold Zilliqa - $ZIL enters the bull market

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2021.11.29 07:52 niuz-bot Ultimul document al Comisiei Europene transmis înainte de finalizarea mandatului Guvernului Cîțu: Nu a adoptat strategia fiscală pe termen mediu. Trebuia în august/ Două lucruri pe care le așteaptă de urgență de la Guvernul Ciucă - [Economie][Finanțe & Bănci]

România este în procedura de deficit excesiv. În acest context, sunt anumite lucruri și măsuri pe care trebuie să le ia și să le facă Guvernul pentru a reduce deficitul bugetar la sub 3% din PIB până în 2024. Comisia Europeană a publicat cu o zi înainte de învestirea Guvernului Ciucă un raport cu privire la situația țării din punct de vedere bugetar. Ce trebuia făcut, ce nu am făcut și, mai nou, ce așteaptă de la noul Guvern.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-finante_banci-25212142-document-comisiei-europene-mandat-guvernul-citu-nu-adoptat-strategia-fiscala-termen-mediu-trebuia-august-doua-lucruri-asteapta-urgenta-guvernul-ciuca.htm
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2021.11.29 07:52 AboundingAlligator When I approached him to try and give him some milk he hissed and did a back flip into the bushes behind him.

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2021.11.29 07:52 mlg_mcr_overlord Florescent lights

I find that I actually prefer florescent lights over any other lights.. though they may be brighter, to me personally they're so much more clean looking and feeling, the yellowish ones actually make me feel gross and dirty and give me a sick-like feeling and I always wanna shower after being in that lighting, even though it's just the lighting and not actual dirt..
Does anyone else experience this or is it just me?😅
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2021.11.29 07:52 C4-PO Where will BTC end November 2021? 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week

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2021.11.29 07:52 antiregime Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid – Part 2

Your Facebook Ads are not converting? Struggling to find the reason behind it? Truth is, you may be making some of these common Facebook Ad mistakes.
For those of you who missed the first part of this post, make sure to check it out here.
We have plenty of mistakes to go through so let’s dive right in, shall we?
Having multiple ads in ad sets One of the biggest and most common Facebook Ad mistakes we see a lot of advertisers make is having multiple ads in one ad set.
When it comes to setting up your Facebook ads account, we always recommend having a simplified account structure.
And among other things, this means having three to five ad sets per campaign with only one ad per ad set.
The reason why we like to do so is because of a few things.
For example, say you have four different ads in one ad set, running at the same time, with a daily budget of $50. What can happen is that Facebook will push the delivery of one ad over the others without any obvious reason, and therefore spending most of the budget on that ad.
So basically, you’re unable to test properly and figure out which one of those four ads was really the best performer. Therefore, we always recommend creating a dedicated ad for each ad set to ensure that all of the ads are tested properly and equally.
Using the same ad copy & creative Another common Facebook Ad mistake you can make is to use the same ad copy or creative for your prospecting and retargeting audience.
Your retargeting audience includes people who already visited your website and are familiar with your brand, while your prospecting audience includes people who are not familiar with your brand in any way. Therefore, it’s extremely important to fine-tune and tailor your communication as much as possible.
Since we didn’t exactly know which type of ad copy works best for a certain audience, we decided to analyze over 4000 ads and see which ad copy elements positively or negatively impact the return on ad spend.
So based on our analysis, we can see that for prospecting campaigns mentioning free shipping, promotions or the product price positively impacts the ROAS.
On the flip side, using any kind of social proof or urgency in your ad copy would not result in such positive results as it negatively impacts the ROAS.
Even though using urgency and social proof doesn’t work for prospecting campaigns we can see quite the opposite for retargeting campaigns.
And when you think of it, it actually makes total sense. Since your retargeting audience includes people who are familiar with your product or service, naturally, they want to see some testimonials and be reassured about your product.
Worrying about the learning phase Ever heard that you have to exit the learning phase in order to achieve a stable customer acquisition cost and overall, better conversion rate?
Well, we’re here to tell you that you actually don’t have to.
Even though you’ll find that in the Business Help Center Facebook says during the learning phase ad sets are less stable and usually have a higher CPA, our results show the exact opposite.
Note: The table below includes aggregated data from multiple ad accounts and ad sets.

Ad set status CAC CPC CR Spend Conversions
In learning phase $45 $1.90 5.7% $65k 2204
Exited learning phase $51 $1.82 5.0% $317k 9702
As you can see from the results, ad sets that were still in the learning phase had both a lower customer acquisition cost as well as a higher conversion rate. So we can definitely say that the CAC and overall results don’t magically become better once you exit the learning phase.
The bottom line is that you don’t have to worry if your ads are still in the learning phase or in “learning limited”. Similarly, if you find that your ads are not performing well and your CAC is quite high, don’t just assume this is because of the learning phase. It is much more likely that you’re seeing poor results because of a wrong ad account setup.
How to audit your Facebook and Google ad accounts If you’re not sure how good your ad account setup is, you can easily check it out in our Shopify app.
We have created multiple tests based on what we think the most important things in terms of ad setup are. So once you install the app and connect your Google and Facebook ad accounts, you’ll immediately see which part you’ve passed or failed.
You’ll then see what’s your overall setup score and get custom suggestions on how to fix those critical mistakes and improve overall ad performance.
Not using UTM parameters UTM parameters are a super-easy yet powerful way of understanding the effectiveness of your ads. Using them in your Facebook ads will help further improve your tracking efforts so that you can better understand where your sales are coming from, which ads are generating the most conversions, etc.
You can add UTM parameters on the ad set level, under “Tracking”, right after you input your website URL.
Not checking your ad frequency Monitoring your ad frequency is the key to avoiding ad fatigue when a target audience sees the same ad too many times.⁠
So essentially, the ad frequency tells you how many times on average a person saw your ad.
A higher ad frequency means that your target audience is seeing the same ad too often, but what is really considered a high frequency? How high is too high?
Ideally, you want your frequency to be as low as possible, but we found that sticking with the following two rules will prevent ad fatigue.⁠
  1. For prospecting ads – a frequency up to 1.5 is ok
  2. Retargeting – a frequency below or up to 7 is ok
To check your ad frequency, head over to Ads Manager, and under the columns section, click “Delivery”.
Using Campaign Budget Optimization If you’re running Facebook Ads for some time, you’re probably familiar with the term campaign budget optimization and what it means.
For those of you who haven’t noticed it or simply have never heard of it, here’s how Facebook explains it:
Campaign budget optimization (CBO) automatically manages your campaign budget across ad sets to get you the overall best results. With CBO, you set one central campaign budget. This budget continuously distributes in real-time to ad sets with the best opportunities, throughout the course of your campaign.
In some cases, Facebook actually recommends you to use CBO, but here’s why we don’t.
First of all, when using CBO, you’re not able to manually control budgets at the ad set level. As you saw above, everything is optimized at the campaign level, and therefore, you’re risking allocating your budget in the wrong ad sets.
But as always, we wanted to A/B test this before jumping to any conclusions. We tested it on prospecting and retargeting campaigns, both in the same time period.

Campaign Type Optimization CR CPC CPM ROAS
Prospecting CBO 6.55% $2.40 $18.11 81%
Regular 4.48% $1.42 $12.71 94%
Retargeting CBO 39% $3.73 $17.48 348%
Regular 31% $2.89 $14.35 398%
Looking at the results above, we can see that campaigns optimized for CBO had both a higher cost per mille and cost per click.
Even though those campaigns had a slightly higher conversion rate, the return on ad spend was higher on both prospecting and retargeting campaigns that weren't using CBO. Therefore, we found that is much better to use regular campaigns and get full control over our ad budget.
Not checking your competitors' Facebook ads Conducting a competitor analysis is extremely important if you want to better understand your competition and how you compare to them.
Especially when it comes to Facebook or Google ads. By analyzing your competitors’ ads you can not only pinpoint what are their strengths or weaknesses but also gain some inspiration to enhance your ad copy, creative, and much more.
And the good news is that you don’t have to spend countless hours on making a full competitive research all by yourself.
We’ve got you covered with our Competitor Analysis feature – built specifically for Shopify merchants that want to understand their competition, how they are growing, and what they are doing in terms of Facebook and Google ads.
Not testing properly and enough As with any advertising platform, testing enough is essential to understand what’s working best for your business and target audience.
The key thing though is to make sure you’re not testing too many variables at the same time.
You always want to have a separate ad set for each variable that you’re testing. This way you’re truly going to understand what’s working or not.
For example, if you’d want to test out your homepage vs product page as your landing page, the easiest way to test it would be to duplicate the corresponding ad set and only change that one variable that you want to test. In this case that would be the website URL.
Similarly, if you’d like to test multiple ad copies, the wrong thing to do would be to test them by creating multiple ads in one ad set. Instead, you should always follow the rule “1 ad per ad set” so that Facebook can test out all the ads properly.
Not using the conversions API Similar to the Facebook Pixel, the Facebook Conversions API is another tool that helps you more accurately measure and attribute your Facebook ads conversions.⁠ ⁠ The Conversions API works by collecting and sharing data directly from Shopify’s servers, while the Facebook pixel relies on third-party cookies through web browsers, which may be less reliable because of the iOS 14 changes. ⁠
This is not technically considered a Facebook Ad mistake, but by using the Conversions API in addition to the Facebook Pixel, you’re able to maximize the effectiveness of your website events and therefore achieve optimal full-funnel tracking.
Not checking if your Facebook pixel is working After installing the Facebook pixel on your site, you should always check that is working properly. There could be an error in your pixel code base without you even noticing it, resulting in you not tracking conversions properly.
Fortunately, there is a super-easy and fast solution to ensure that this doesn’t happen.
By installing a Chrome extension called Facebook Pixel Helper you’ll be able to see a detailed overview of all of your pixels on a specific webpage, including warnings and successes on that pixel.
This way you’ll easily tell if your pixel is firing and working properly.
Poorly optimized landing page You may have a good Facebook ad account setup and creative, but if your landing page is not optimized properly, you might just lose all those potential customers.
There are several things you should keep an eye on when creating or optimizing your landing page. Such as site speed, call to action position, use of testimonials, etc.
Conclusion That concludes our “Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid” series. Hope you all enjoyed it, and hope it was helpful to you all! Kindly take the time to check our app out and check more of our articles over here.
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2021.11.29 07:52 OkYepSure Idk here have a flower because you're epic

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2021.11.29 07:52 Net_Scary My Mom and Dad slept with me after I told them there's a monster under my bed.

There isn't really one in mine, I just want to get them away from the one hiding in theirs.
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2021.11.29 07:52 Robexhillian Milkn stone in Creatista Plus

My machine steam nozzle nseems to constantly need cleaning I have used a delonghi nozzle cleaner and simple decaling which both work but it seems to be less effective as time goes by .

I use semi skimmed milk but have tried Hazelnut milk and almond milk but prefer real milk .

Any suggestions how to keep it at bay or easier cleaning tips
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2021.11.29 07:52 MendoBurr Has reliability improved with Gen4?

Hi all. I have 12 LIFX B22 bulbs running, a mix of Gen 2 and Gen 3. The Gen 2 lights are extremely temperamental, drop off the wifi on a regular basis, respond really slow, etc.
The Gen 3 lights are somewhat more reliable, but still not exactly perfect.
I've been thinking about upgrading to Gen 4 with the Black Friday sale still going on. Was there a noticeable improvement in stability from Gen 3 to 4? I also noticed they went from 1000/1100 lumen up to 1200, which is a welcome change.
And any rumours of a Gen 5?
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2021.11.29 07:52 KoreaTeacher123 Moving back to the USA, hirability

Hello, I have been living in South Korea for 12 years and am looking to move back to the USA (I'm a citizen). I have a Master's degree (not related to medicine). I've been working as a teacher over here. Do you think a retail pharmacy would hire me to do a Pharm Tech program?
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2021.11.29 07:52 NewsElfForEnterprise What is the metaverse? A Philly tech CEO who is helping build it explains.

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2021.11.29 07:52 Daktush Looks like another sub has become a witch infected swamp.

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2021.11.29 07:52 grelays 532,500 $POLC TOKENS HAVE BEEN STAKED ON ETH CHAIN! 1,068,000 $POLC TOKENS HAVE BEEN STAKED ON BSC! That means ~$3M USD worth of $POLC have been staked in 2.5 hours! They still have available slots. Feel free to participate in staking here:

532,500 $POLC TOKENS HAVE BEEN STAKED ON ETH CHAIN! 1,068,000 $POLC TOKENS HAVE BEEN STAKED ON BSC! That means ~$3M USD worth of $POLC have been staked in 2.5 hours! They still have available slots. Feel free to participate in staking here: submitted by grelays to cryptocurrencynews [link] [comments]

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2021.11.29 07:52 tyresaredone Does our wife/husband look like we would like in Jannah?

It says that we can have anything we want in jannah if Allah let us enter it inshAllah. And that we'd all be young, stay the same age (33 if i read correctly, hope i didnt say anything wrong, please correct me if so). So can we ask Allah for our wife/husband to look like we would like then to be? And if yes, what if they want to look differently? Thank you
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2021.11.29 07:52 jjyeons Terrible Semester

I’ve been having a terrible semester due to my mental health and problems at home to the point where I know this semester will tank my grade. When the withdraw and pass/fail times came out, I thought I could suck it up and just push through and maybe I’d make it but I don’t know how to do any better than what I’m doing to stay afloat now. The only thing keeping me going is constantly telling myself that if I fail this semester, I can always retake classes in the future and do better, that life moves on. Does anyone know what gpa I need to maintain to still receive financial aid? And is anyone in the same boat or has been through this that can share their experiences with what happened after?
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2021.11.29 07:52 HiMiru Lázár–Márki-Zay-csata – a vásárhelyi titok nyomába eredtünk | Válasz Online

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