New order announces sale of NEWO tokens via Dutch auction on MISO

2021.12.08 16:42 krypto-news-deutsch New order announces sale of NEWO tokens via Dutch auction on MISO

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2021.12.08 16:42 SmolBeanXVII A man makes flour

Every day, he takes his wheat up to the windmill and puts it in, goes off for a bit, then comes back to get the flour and sell it. One day, he realises that while he was gone, someone broke into the mill and stole his flour. So he puts a padlock on it.
He comes back the next day, and finds that the lock has been chopped off with an axe. So he gets two locks, and goes home.
The next day, both locks have been chopped off. So he goes down to the locksmith, and buys two gigantic cast-iron locks. You would need a battering ram to get these off. He puts them on the mill door and goes home.
The next day, the locks are still on! He goes to open them, but finds that his key is too small.
“Damn,” he says to himself, “what I need right now is two gigantic mill keys.”
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2021.12.08 16:42 perennial_crusader Acknowledging and apologizing for mistake.

I make it a point to apologize instantly for any mistake even if it is a trivial one, if my superior or gf points it out to me. I often noticed they are kinda startled when I do so. What else should I do stay quiet ?
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2021.12.08 16:42 chmendez Doing my first Ironman 70.3 this sunday

I've been running and biking since May 2020(did in 2016-2017 but stopped when my baby boy was born due to time constrains) . Swimming since april this year.
I followed 80/20 triathlon Half Ironman level 1. I had 2 accidents. One in the bike and another running. Had to stop training for 2 weeks each time. Thanks god I started training early so I could recover and resume training
I am in taper right now. I will do taper swimming workout in open waters (at least 2). Open water experience is hard when you train in pools. Any time I swim in open water I experience some anxiety (not being able to see the bottom , etc)
I also worried about running 21 km after 90km bike leg. Race is in Cartagena which is very hot and humid.
Please I appreciate any advice.
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2021.12.08 16:42 medved_ Zenit [3] - 3 Chelsea - Magomed Ozdoïev great volley goal 90+4'

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2021.12.08 16:42 girlstephenking Do I need a mask when using Liquin in my house?

I don’t have a well ventilated studio at all, I’m painting with oils in my bedroom and I bought a heavy duty painting mask just in case the fumes get bad but it’s really annoying and it’s giving me acne… Do i need to wear the mask if Im only using liquin as a medium and not any kind of turpentine?
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2021.12.08 16:42 nimobo Fauci: It Is 'When, Not If' Definition of Fully Vaccinated Will Mean Three Shots

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2021.12.08 16:42 FileWasTaken DVF??

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2021.12.08 16:42 Glutenfreesnipes Joker on ps5

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2021.12.08 16:42 BOWOWBOWOWBOWOW 2meirl4meirl

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2021.12.08 16:42 hullopalooza Mr. Bannerman.

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2021.12.08 16:42 Shrek-lifee What’s a situation that made you certain you’re unattractive?

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2021.12.08 16:42 curious-coffee-cat When it all becomes TOO MUCH (Rant & plan)

I apologize in advance; this is kind of a rant that's been building for about a year.
I started out writing my personal story & I realized I was just making my mind list THINGS I'm annoyed with, which only adds to my dismay. It's not worth it to list all the things annoying me that feel like "too much." Instead, I want to focus on why & how I can reclaim minimalism in my life.
Minimalism to me is having what you need & maybe some things you want. I see minimalism as owning enough clothes but not too much, having some fun things like art supplies but not too much, owning enough dishes but not too much. I like having what I need without being overstimulated by a million things. I like clean, fairly empty spaces without a lot of clutter. It's a balancing act, I think.
So, I think at the root of my "TOO MUCH" is something like ADHD. I feel it might be driving me into acquiring things when I don't want to... I'm not trying to excuse my terrible impulses & detrimental shopping habits. It's just something that needs to be addressed, I think. Mental health is important, yo. I'm also not under the impression that if I get help for ADHD my life will suddenly be perfect & exactly as I always imagined. I am aware of how I tend to fall into acquiring "TOO MUCH" now. I get bored, my brain craves dopamine & being stimulated, suddenly I have something in my Amazon cart that makes me excited, & then I've purchased yet another item. It happens almost like autopilot. Then when the box shows up I often have no idea what it is.
Anyway, now that I'm fully aware & willing to take responsibility for the fact that I created the mess I'm living in, I'm ready to get the hell out of it. I've decided to sell & donate A LOT of stuff. I already have 2 boxes of clothing destined for thrift stores & coat drives.
I want to mention that there's a pretty good reason I want to sell some things vs donating them. I realized this on my drive to work this morning: I see being in debt as more THINGS. My credit card bill is another THING I have to give brain power towards & emotions & energy. My car loan is another THING that takes up my time dealing with. I'm not going to sell stuff just so I can buy more. No, I want to sell some more valuable things to pay off debt. I mentioned on reddit once that I wanted to sell some things & someone commented on my "consumerist mindset" for it. I thought that was interesting, & that's why I'm mentioning this here.
I wanted to post this so I could feel like I was able to vent a little, to hold myself accountable for my goal, & a little bit to get some encouragement- I hope. I'm going to be cutting back a lot while living with a hoarder. It's hard to see all her shitstuff when I have to go into her room or what she has sitting in the kitchen. I'm going to try & be gentle with this person & not come off like a total ass though. It's my house though, so I will eventually get to a point where her stuff will be dealt with. It's going to be a slow process for me right now (I've got job search, full-time job, housework, winterizing to do as well). I feel minimalism is a great path to reclaim my life, too. I'm tired of all the things that own me. Oh, & I think it'll be so much easier to clean, of course.
So yeah, there's my wall of text. Just had to get it out somewhere. If anyone does have any tips or anything to add, that's awesome & appreciated. Thanks for reading & good luck y'all. ♥
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2021.12.08 16:42 maverickblood Best friends since day 1 :)

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2021.12.08 16:42 bla_bla_land Clearance above top aio-mounted PC under desk

I’ve built a PC that has a 360 AIO top exhaust. Unfortunately, I need to put it under a desk on a wooden plank so that I have space on my desk for monitors and speakers..
If I do so, it means I will have about 10-12cm clearance between my PC and top of desk. Would that be a problem for the temperatures and airflow? Also, at the back the clearance is about 5cm to a wall, but there’s no exhaust fan (I use 3 intake front and 3 top exhaust).
Would that be okay and no issue for the airflow and thermals? Thanks
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2021.12.08 16:42 IronPriskov Arena Yen'fai : Mirror Stance 3 or Atk/Spd solo 4

I don't have Kestrel 3 fodder so I'm choosing between Mirror stance or solo 4
View Poll
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2021.12.08 16:42 bangtothepow940 Question: What if Riley took all of thalasin plus pills?

I saw an video that shows an fake commercial for pills that can show non-natural emotions; I wondered if Riley took them, what would happen to her? Will there be new crew members in her mind? Lot of questions and answers...
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2021.12.08 16:42 johnjay80 He knows the dark arts

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2021.12.08 16:42 squishylotad What am I gonna do without the H3 crew for 3 weeks ???

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2021.12.08 16:42 ChildRoland2795 43inch TV on desk instead of monitor?

Is there any disadvantage to having a 43 inch 4K tv on a gaming desk (sitting 2-3 feet away like i would with a monitor) instead of say a 27 inch monitor if i’m using it for a PS4 (single player, story based games like spider-man and resident evil etc.)
i’m not a hardcore gamer but usually play on my 65 inch downstairs on the couch, but bought an L-desk and a nice chair and a monitor isn’t really in the budget atm, but my current setup has my 43-inch 4K tv on one side of the L-desk. is this too big? is a moniter really worth the extra few hundred dollars especially since i don’t play multiplayer or shooters?
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2021.12.08 16:42 bacchuss12 I’m curious of the benefits for men doing Pilates

My wife is getting into Pilates and I bought her a merrithew reformer. I’m wanting to try it as well with her, what benefits will I see and please educate me on how it will help in every way possible. I’m excited to try it. We do CrossFit 4-5 times a week and am ready to add something to our regiment. Thanks in advance
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2021.12.08 16:42 Krabby5 Weed induced HPPD. PLEASE HELP!!!

Is it possible to get hppd from bad trip on weed. It was my second time taking weed, before i didn’t take any other drug. I wasn’t actually tripping, the only thing was that the lights were so bright. I have starbursting and i see rainbow halos around lights rarely. I also have dpdr and i can almost unsee starburstibg with opening my eyes widely. Could i have hppd or just dpdr and anxiety causing it?
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2021.12.08 16:42 AV-0w0- This is for you as much as it is for me

I guess I’m writing this post as a reminder not only to myself but anyone else who has trouble with depression and trauma.
You are a human being, it doesn’t matter what mental issues you may have or how much damage you feel you have taken from trauma.
You are worth living because you are a unique individual and no one else can be exactly like you. You being here is a blessing and adds to the world, even if it feels like all you do is cause pain or are a burden to others. You are not, and if anyone says that you are you need to separate yourself from them because their toxicity isn’t helping you.
You are loved and deserve love. Never give up and keep fighting. I know it might feel like nothing good ever happens, life feels so unfair and cruel sometimes… but there’s a light and you just have to find it. It’s in you and once you start caring for yourself, you’ll see it. You are an amazing person and you are worth more than you might feel.
With that said, don’t forget your feelings are valid and you shouldn’t hide them out of shame. If you feel like crying, it’s ok to cry. If you feel angry, separate yourself from the others and find something to get rid of it. Let it out. As long as you are not hurting anyone, you need to express yourself. Bottling it up will only make you feel worse.
Seek help if you can, and don’t give up on it. Keep trying until you find what works for you. Put yourself first and don’t do things because someone says you have to. If you truly feel something doesn’t work for you… find something else. Therapy and meds aren’t the only things out there. Find a hobby or write out all your issues. There’s something for you and you can find it with time.
Be patient with yourself, this will take time and your trauma won’t just go away over night. It’s like a scar, with work and time it will fade but it will be a part of you for the rest of your life. You just have to make it bearable and learn from it. Think positive and look at the growths you’ve made as a person.
Understand that what has happened has happened and you can’t change it. Life goes on and all you can do is learn to take a step back into life. You are who you are because of your experiences and you might see yourself as negative or poorly but you are an amazing person and you wouldn’t be you without your past. It sucks but you just have to learn from it and keep looking forward. Take things day by day and try not to dwell on the negatives. Find positives in your life and take those with you as torches for your journey through the negative.
Remember you are not alone no matter how lonely you feel. You are loved and there are people there for you. There’s people who will accept you as you and who can understand you. Please never think you are alone.
Your mental illness doesn’t define you. It is just a dark cloud that follows you and makes you feel different, but it isn’t who you are. It changes you and will become a part of you, but never believe that it’s who you are and you can’t change. There’s always room for growth and healing. Don’t let people judge you for it. If they can’t accept you or be understanding of your feelings and experiences… then they shouldn’t be important to you. Don’t take negativity or harassment from people. You deserve better.
Ok, I’m done. I’m in a mood today and I guess I wanted to share it lol. I hope whoever reads this has a good day <3
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2021.12.08 16:42 dogwoodmaple [Rittenberg] Just received a text from Penn State co-defensive coordinator Anthony Poindexter: "Timing is everything for both sides. There will be a day, but I'm going to stay at Penn State."
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2021.12.08 16:42 Kenney93 I feel suffocated of this life and family…


It took me an hour or so to write my feelings… I think i feel suffocated because of how no one here listen to all parties nor do they defend me or care for me only put blames on me n their own opinion… As they say u will never get hurt if u dont put any expectations on ur family but it pains me to the point of grudge when i see normal happy healthy family…
that loop of a never ending hater and how much I hate myself and my life and how I wish I was not tainted by them… how I would have became a “normal” functioning human that doesnt need medicines n so on to live somewhat normally… I may sound dramatic but you can read all about my life in my page if you are interested…
anyway so I asked mom if she wanted for me to buy food she replied that my oldest sister sent her a message that my sister in law (divorced from my trash brother) sent her a message for me to stop playing with her som n that it distract him from his studies n she sent that to his other friend’s mom n only do it on friday…
first problem is I never actually call him to play its him joining my party when I play and I only play in the evening for a bit. Second, my nephew is smart and responsible, he only plays after he finish studying and hw and never complain he also listen well and is level headed that knows what he wants maybe he lacks social skills but he is nice, he is kind, he never gets angry easily n he is never childish in the wrong times he knows when to play and when to study.. its true he is 11-12 but he is more mature than any of his peers same for his friend that i think they talked about n thats from my niece (this nephew’s sister who actually knows his friend well)… so it pisses me off from two sides his mom that is a toxic drama queen that like to show that she is the perfect mother when she is soooo fake especially since his maid asked him if he wanted to go to football practice which is a question n he said what time she replied now then he said no (I heard it because we were playing together) then his mom called n told him that he needs to go n he was cool about it n said okay and told me he needs to go and left he is so chill and neve makes a tantrum so her saying that like I am stopping him from studying or that he is not acting well and she is working hard on him pisses me off since its not true n she just want people’s love and sympathy as a busy single mother who works as a doctor …. The other part that pissed me off is my family.. u see I live with my mom who is a toxic, narcissist that doesnt believe she has a mental disorder… my dad died in early 2016 i have a useless trash of a brother we dont interact with anymore like he cut us off which i m grateful for he also abused me n did sexually harasses me as a 6 years old n we r 15 years apart do the math… ps mom isnt happy about that n always make a drama about him u see she loves him so much even when he is the worst n he hates her… i have 2 sisters i have been fighting with for a while now n not talking to them even when we meet on friday because i am tired of themn they r the worst ..the middle one made my childhood miserable n abused me both physically n mentally n tried to kill me n im seeing her repeat it on her kids (9 years apart) and the oldest made fun of my trauma n was hypocrite (13 years apart).. so when the oldest sent mom the msg was like sending me to stop bothering the kids n that she wishes i get a job so i dont bother people since im free (in her mind) n they r busy when i never ever do that n care about them so much nor did she trust me or listen to my side of story n she said that she is tired of me n made it seems like im garbage n she doesnt want to listen to my excuses.. not to forget when on Saturday my oldest sister sent her a message about me because her youngest who likes to lie n make drama out of anything lied to her about stuff n yes she hates me n we r fighting n even if we werent she will never listen to my side of story n babies her children to the point her children act like spoiled brats when they r not even kids anymore .. like god dont overprotect ur kids to the point u want to shield them from the world its supposed to be teaching them so they can face it heads on n know how to deal with it like please listen to all sides before making a scene so my mom make a scene to me when its her youngest son 100% fault!!!
Funny enough he sent me messages n acted happy to see me hours later… im ignoring him for a while until he learns a lesson… if he will ever learn one… n to add it up yesterday mom told me that im abusing her n her daughters n im like woooow WOOOOW WOOOOOW N I WALKED AWAY…
I kept having dark thoughts with this family… until I was able to write my feelings.. thank u for reading…
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