Does anyone have Zoya Barbie? Mine arrived today and not what I expected it to look like

2021.11.29 08:15 agnes_mort Does anyone have Zoya Barbie? Mine arrived today and not what I expected it to look like

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2021.11.29 08:15 nehwsekuntekop luego preguntan quien hace de poli en ancrapistan

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2021.11.29 08:15 Upcoming_person_ The most dumbest comic

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2021.11.29 08:15 vagggos "Felt my dog's warm breath, all night long"

found him dismembered in the kitchen, blood spelled on the wall "time of death: 2am"
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2021.11.29 08:15 Mr-Connery Delete Business manager but keep page control?

Hi guys, question here because even the FB reps themselves can't give me a straight answer.
So I've just taken over a client. A bit of a mess. They had two marketing employees who left without transfering access (and locked themselves out or something). After some weeks I've regained access to two business managers. They have two because one of them is deactivated without option to appeal. The deactivated BM is the owner of the FB page and Insta account.
I got acces to their FB page now aswell and can advertise through the ad account on the second Business manager. But I'm halted in a lot of stuff because the deactivated BM is the owner of the page and this restricts me a lot.
FB reps won't/can't do anything about it. Even my FB account manager says so.
So I thought of deleting the BM account that's deactivated. This would remove it and let the page be 'free' of ownership. Well, this is my hypothesis.
Have any of you experienced something similar?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.29 08:15 idobelievewerenaked She ain’t pretty, but she’s original and will be included in my Ides of March auction next year!

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2021.11.29 08:15 I-drink-apple-juice title

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2021.11.29 08:15 lalacrunch UK businesses closing on Boxing day as a thank you to their employees and their hard work during the pandemic. Sharing for awareness - this should be the norm

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2021.11.29 08:15 dylan21502 A success example of socialism?

Does it exist? I'm new to this seemingly wonderful set of ideas we call socialism burning still highly skeptical. Can anyone provide an example of an active socialist system that's running properly? No links to Venezuela media I'll be honest, I'm very uneducated on the matter (and of politics in general) and don't even know WTH happened in Venezuela..🤷 I right?
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2021.11.29 08:15 chopsisity Looking for German Christmas songs or movie recommendations.

T’is the season and all so I was wondering- Are there any classic German Christmas shows or movies? What about songs?
I’ve been learning German for over a year now and I am trying to fully immerse myself when watching TV and listening to music. So I would love to hear some Christmas recommendations. I don’t mind cheesy or corny either- at Christmas I expect it.
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2021.11.29 08:15 kodell88 Cresselia raid add me on 7160 9382 9580

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2021.11.29 08:15 haywire The UX for AirPlay/Control from Apple Music is broken and stupid (and here's how to fix it)

The scenario here is you have an AppleTV or something that supports Apple Music. There's music playing on said device, and you want to control it with your phone.
So you open up Apple Music on your phone, obviously it's just a blank nothing playing screen, what is the logical thing to do? Of course, there's an AirPlay button, surely that is for remotely controlling it?
We hit the AirPlay button and our AppleTV device shows up, cool, clearly if I tap that, we should start controlling the device.
I tap it. The music cuts out. What? Of course, technical me knows it's effectively now broadcasting the silence to my AppleTV via AirPlay.
So, how do I now put my music back on? I have to:

  1. Swipe up control centre
  2. Tap the AirPlay butotn there.
  3. Tap BACK to my iPhone to stop AirPlaying.
  4. Then tap the Control Other Speakers & TV button that ONLY NOW HAS APPEARED
  5. Press the second item to now "control" the AppleTV (what I wanted to do in the first place).
  6. Hit play.
Now, this bullshit could have been avoided if I'd done these steps from the outset. However, from a UX pespective, this is extremely convoluted and family members constantly fuck it up because they are not technical and don't really grasp the difference between AirPlay and remote "control".
So how could this be improved? Here are three solutions:
  1. Airplay icon in Apple Music could be a control icon if a LAN AppleTV/device is detected and playing, tapping something on that menu would control it because literally why would anyone want to AirPlay instead of control in this situation ever?
  2. When tapping that menu, the "Control Other Speakers & TV" icon should show at the bottom as it does in control centre.
  3. Copy AppleTV desktop, where the menu is divided into two sections, AirPlay, and Switch to..., which makes it clearer and more obvious what tapping on something will actually achieve.
The last two are nice and explicit, I like #3 the most as it is both explicit and brings the control option (most likely to be desired user outcome) into the primary menu.
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2021.11.29 08:15 is-not-bob WW1 and WW2 made by A.I.

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2021.11.29 08:15 Odd_Ear7231 Hydrowhey – Red Velvet Cake 4 Lb

Hydrowhey – Red Velvet Cake 4 Lb With a busy life, feeling full is not enough, but having something that’s delicious like red velvet cake is important. Yes, try this mouthwatering Hydrowhey in red velvet cake flavor and add an edge to your bodybuilding process. Visit our website or mail us at for more details.
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2021.11.29 08:15 Toscrypto $Solabrador Airdrop form for $SAIL & $gSAIL Holders will be closing today by 8pm UTC

⏰ Our form for the $SOLAB @Solabrador #Airdrop will be closed today at 8.00PM UTC.

  1. Filled the form
  2. join our discord and grab your solana_sail role
  3. Just hold 1 SAIL, 1 gSAIL and mint the #SOLAB token
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2021.11.29 08:15 Spenkywenky6 Thoughts on $ENJ price

What are your predictions? When do you think we are hitting a new ATH?
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2021.11.29 08:15 Good-Questioncloud Upcoming RRB exams 2022

Question Cloud – India's Largest Online Educational Assessment Portal – offers free mock test series on Upcoming RRB exams 2022 with the availability of a greater number of questions under the separate subjects; these questions are prepared by the most experienced faculty in the respective fields. In addition, once you submit the exam, the assessment result will be displayed immediately. This immediate result assists you in analyzing the topic where you are still stuck in your preparations.
Railway Recruitment Boards hold recruitment exams for a variety of technical and non-technical positions. Railway Recruitment Boards is regarded as one of the most anticipated and competitive exams held each year. The RRB Exams recruitment was set to begin in July 2021. However, the recruitment exam was postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
Candidates who have completed their 10th, 12th, Diploma, Graduation, or Post Graduation are eligible to apply for the various RRB vacancies. To apply for the position, you must be between the ages of 18 and 33. The conducting body will send out RRB E-Call letters approximately four days before the scheduled exam.
The RRB Recruitment 2022 Exams are divided into four groups: A, B, C, and D. The exam will be administered on a computer for a total of 90 minutes. The RRB Recruitment Exam is made up of objective-type questions. For each correct answer, one mark will be awarded, while one-third of a mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.
RRB Notification 2022:
The RRB recruitment 2022 notification for vacancies in various zones has yet to be released. The application process will begin in March, with the publication of a notification on the RRB's official website. The RRB notification will include information about the exam schedule and the number of vacancies available in each railway zone.
Until then, candidates who aspire to get a job under RRB, should hold their horses and prepare for their exams stronger than ever. Also, assessing their preparations is mandatory for the self-evaluation on the knowledge, Questioncloud offers a candidate a test series on RRB exams, which would be easier for one to get the assessments done.
Exam Dates for RRB Recruitment 2022:
Followings are some of the anticipated exam dates for RRB recruitment in 2022:
RRB Events
RRB Exam Dates (Tentative)
Release of RRB official notification
March 2022
Commencement of Application Process
March 2022
Last Date for RRB Recruitment
March 2022
Admit Card 2021 Release Date
Yet to be released
RRB 2022 Examination
RRB 2022 Results Announcement
Vacancies in RRB Recruitment 2022:
The Railway Recruitment Board issues separate notifications each year for proposed vacancies that must be filled across various Indian Railway zones. Every year, in March, a notification is issued to recruit candidates for Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D positions. Every year, the number of available positions fluctuates. More than 130000 vacancies are expected to be available for RRB Recruitment 2022.
The vacancies are huge for the upcoming year 2022, so it's a great opportunity for the candidates to crack their exams, which also requires some strategies to get the process of cracking the exam done successfully. So, candidates, who practice their exams should make their strategies and work on them consciously. As we said taking the test series on RRB is an important factor, which is also an important strategy to complete the preparation done.
With the test series from Questioncloud, candidates will get the benefit to access the free test series provided by us, these test series will help to assessment of prepared topics. Our test series consists of the previous year’s question papers, models tests, and mock tests. These test series are updated with the most recent syllabus; anyone who practices all of the tests through Questioncloud will perform better in their actual exams. Visit us:
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2021.11.29 08:15 luciferur Learning to be alone

Hello all,
My dog is 10 years old and he has never been alone. We have tried in the past, but he howls and barks in desperation. Until now we have been hiring someone to stay at home for the short periods of times that he cannot be with us but we would like to help him to comfortably alone for short periods of time. I would never leave him alone for more than 1.30h but short periods of time would mean a lot for the family. Can someone suggest helpful ideas?
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2021.11.29 08:15 styleearthindia Style Earth Precasting styleearthprecast

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2021.11.29 08:15 Stonimahoni Quake VR reload, run and jump part 1 complete episode 1

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2021.11.29 08:15 sweetubb beauty

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2021.11.29 08:15 codykjones LFG(ps4)

Just got the game pretty much just looking for someone to play with ,I've been looking for about 4 days and haven't had any luck thought I'd try here ,thx
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2021.11.29 08:15 Ilikegreenpens Trick I did in a dream

I was performing a trick in a dream and wanted to see what others thought. It involves a signed coin that appears to have come out of a sealed sprite can. How I did it in the dream was I had a 2 sided glass where a managed to sneak the spectators coin in the back side of the glass. I went through the presentation of opening the Sprite and started pouring. I poured it directly on the divider to get sprite on both sides so that I can slowly turn the glass using the pouring as a distraction to reveal that the coin came out of the sealed can. Do you think something like this would work?
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2021.11.29 08:15 Ethan_g74 What are people’s favourite guests on the show?

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2021.11.29 08:15 knightk9 The ports black marketeer

Unpopular thought most likely.
I know people don't really care about ports these days.
But those of you who talked to that NPC, probobly remember that hes got an organization ransoming his(possibly dead) family to him.
Am I the only one who was disappointed that we never got a mission/voyage about it?
Either rescuing his family or atleast providing closure in the even they are dead?
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