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Michael Kiwanuka - Cold little heart ( Jimmy Vibe Remix )

2022.01.25 07:30 JimmyVibe Michael Kiwanuka - Cold little heart ( Jimmy Vibe Remix )

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2022.01.25 07:30 Michael-Fuble Do you or would you attend a different church on a Sunday if you were travelling/holidaying and there was no Orthodox Church where you were?

If you're in a town/city/region where there was no Orthodox Church within reasonable travelling distance, would you attend a Roman Catholic service or maybe a high Anglican service (obviously not an, shudders evangelical service)? Even if just for that feeling of communal worship and meeting Christians of other denominations and talking about faith or whatever else?
Or do you choose instead to spend the time in prayer, study and private worship?
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2022.01.25 07:30 sgabi_55 critique my shots! 😄

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2022.01.25 07:30 Unpredicted_90210 My gf is friends with her ex

Hey everyone. Recently got into a new relationship with someone who is friends with there ex. I get the whole joke of everyone saying lesbians keep their exs as besties and all. But when we started speaking she made it clear she was still friends with her ex which at first I wasn’t too bothered about. But since making it official I told her that I can’t be with someone who is still involved with their ex due to past traumas. And even though she’s never given me a reason to not trust her, I think it’s just more a me thing that I have to sort out myself. She agreed that she won’t hang out with her anymore etc. I feel so bad doing this though. But there’s factors like they were together for 5 years and only split up June last year, in my opinion that’s too soon to be friends with an ex especially because of the connection of being together for so long? No she’s not hanging out with her she’s constantly talking about her, how she and her did this, this and this? I don’t really know how to feel about the whole situation. Should I just let them hang out and try my hardest not to let it get to me if that theme stops her from talking about her 24/7? Uggghhh I’m so stuck
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2022.01.25 07:30 ModishNouns This is so cool

Wow. I just cleared out College Square and the subway station with an STI 2011* and Zombie Walkers* and it was probably the most bad-ass, immersive gaming experience I've had in 40 years of gaming.
Thanks to everyone who helped get this set up. I'm sure I'll have more questions :)

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2022.01.25 07:30 JennySD73 Yet another site where Wildlife Studio offers no customer support 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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2022.01.25 07:30 -Provert- Things i drew in class 10

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2022.01.25 07:30 Braden_Boss2 Just cleaned my room, thanks Dr. Peterson

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2022.01.25 07:30 Longjumping_Humor357 [M4f] [m4m] 25 uk looking for new people every one welcome

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2022.01.25 07:30 Bladeaholic Force of collisions for objects travelling in the same direction

Hi everyone,
Wanted to ask a question to help settle a debate between my girlfriend and I.
We are conflicted as to the force of collisions for two objects moving in the same direction.
If two objects are moving in the same direction in a straight line, one is travelling 40km/h and one is travelling 20km/h, would the initial force of the impact be the same as a collision with a object travelling 80km/h and one travelling 60km/h (rear end collision)
We are in agreement that the higher speed collision would be worse following the collision due to a greater deceleration. However we aren't relating to the initial force of the impact.
Could someone please elaborate on the answer and hopefully confirm with appropriate math?
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2022.01.25 07:30 Unlikely-Talk-7415 sapa ade?

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2022.01.25 07:30 ignitechain Ignite Blockchain - Interoperability

Ignite🔥 Blockchain is functionable with every other blockchain with in-built smart bridge contract that allow cross-chain transaction of assets seamlessly.
Website — https://ignite.info
#IgniteBlockchain #Ignite #IGT #blockchain #cryptocurrency #technology #bitcoin #money #crypto #Binance #BNB #cryptocurrencies #fintech
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2022.01.25 07:30 DrivenbyGhosts My Spiritual journey was slow and gradual... But on my 50th year I was initiated by the spirit world.... Why so long??? God has a plan even if it seems like an eternity...

A telepastor on TV said something similar which I noticed... Sometimes we want things, but they never come when they are expected....we have to wait patiently...
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2022.01.25 07:30 autumn-blue What is your go to food when you don't wanna cook but still eat healthy?

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2022.01.25 07:30 Moeller16 My channel

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2022.01.25 07:30 YeahNahLol Hello, Home Transfer Service? You there???

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2022.01.25 07:30 KaijinSilva [PC][Xbox One|SeriesX|S][PS4|5] [NA/EU] Sundog Gaming is looking for guardians wanting a casual, active, inclusive community.| Discord |18+ | Endgame | Sherpas | Teaching Raids | Giveaways

About Us:
Sundog Gaming’s mission and vision is to grow an active, helpful community that enjoys playing games we love in a mature, friendly, and non-toxic environment. We’re an active group that welcomes anyone that is new to the game or a veteran looking to bond with a new fireteam in our battles Asgardians. Some clans define themselves as “active" based on stats and giveaways to attract you to their servers & clans. We built Sundog Gaming on the principle of being there for each other, enjoying ourselves, and perfecting our craft within the game we love. There is something for everyone, so come check us out.
Clans we are recruiting for:
SundogGaming IV[SDG]
What We Offer:
• A 18+ inclusive community that lives and breathes Destiny2.
• An excellent, dedicated raid &dungeon Sherpa team ready to help you get the best experience out of Destiny2’s endgame content. Not only will you achieve your goals, but you’ll leave confident enough to conquer anything Destiny can throw at you.
• A bustling community that has daily &weekly activities available for all players. Be sure to check our the100 page to get an idea of what we have planned.
• Need a suggestion for your build? Want to know if that weapon or armor roll is appropriate for what you want to get done? Our community is ready to help answer those questions and more whenever you need them. We are always ready to assist you and point you in the right direction.
How To Join:
Join our Discord, grab your roles in #set_roles, and check out #destiny-information to see what clans are available to join. All applicants MUST join the discord server.
Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we look forward to seeing you in Sundog Gaming.
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2022.01.25 07:30 NeverRisen God

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2022.01.25 07:30 Calm_Drawing_ Overrated Makeup

What is overrated Makeup in your opinion? Not just PRODUCTS, but TECHNIQUES, TRENDS and even BEAUTY GURUS?
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2022.01.25 07:30 Upbeat_Intention9032 Mana pool

Will your mana pool increase when you level up? I mean Kazuma must have leveled up a bunch after defeating the Demon king the point is do you think he will be able to cast Explosion without using a high grade manatite? After his fight with the demon king
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2022.01.25 07:30 prashants2403 Tracking reading on Kindle vs Goodreads

I do most of my reading on Kindle. Reading insights is really good on Kindle. Number of days/weeks reading Streak is something I have grown to like.
Goodreads also allows to track books read.
Which one do you prefer?
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2022.01.25 07:30 pannenkoek_slet 20s̴ͤ͒t̵͙̺ė̡̻ E̝ͪ͘e̤͆̍u͙̳͘w̢ͯ́ P̦͈͘ỏ̙͓ḛ̈͑̾z͓̀͐i̗ͨ͠e̶̺͌ E̥͋̆ņ̵͖ D͚ͭ͠e̋ͫ͗ R̮͒͘ě͉̏a̷͇̍c̢̼͗t̻͇͌i̦ͦͦe̩͜͞s͙ͣ͢ Z͉̊͟i͎̚͘ĵ̽͜n͍ͪͧ Oͦͨ͜m̛̺ͯ T̯͐̈e̥͐͘ S̝ͩ͠m̷̴̺û͚̥l̶̩̅l̉͋͞e͉ͩ̕n̨̅͘.

20s̴ͤ͒t̵͙̺ė̡̻ E̝ͪ͘e̤͆̍u͙̳͘w̢ͯ́ P̦͈͘ỏ̙͓ḛ̈͑̾z͓̀͐i̗ͨ͠e̶̺͌ E̥͋̆ņ̵͖ D͚ͭ͠e̋ͫ͗ R̮͒͘ě͉̏a̷͇̍c̢̼͗t̻͇͌i̦ͦͦe̩͜͞s͙ͣ͢ Z͉̊͟i͎̚͘ĵ̽͜n͍ͪͧ Oͦͨ͜m̛̺ͯ T̯͐̈e̥͐͘ S̝ͩ͠m̷̴̺û͚̥l̶̩̅l̉͋͞e͉ͩ̕n̨̅͘. submitted by pannenkoek_slet to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 07:30 NardiClassic Need advice on amp wattage for bass shakers

I'm looking to get some bass shakers, but I'm not sure what wattage the amp needs to be.
The shakers are 50W RMS/100W.
Would 50W amps provide enough power, or would it limit the shakers? Should I get a 100W amp and just turn it down to not overheat the shakers?
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2022.01.25 07:30 Bot_Highlights Thread The Needle [𝙃𝙞𝙩𝙗𝙤𝙭 𝙋*𝙧𝙣] 😂 | /u/tMaskk

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2022.01.25 07:30 Neat_Tale_124 myTitle

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