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Godot Dedicated Server RPCs [Help]

2022.01.25 08:45 UltimateOssas Godot Dedicated Server RPCs [Help]

I'm currently creating a simple Mahjong game and I have no idea about the workflow of server-client communication in Godot. So to learn about it, I created two separate projects, one for the client and one for the server.
I have followed tutorials, and the best one I have I found was MrMinimal's blog. The problem is that is lacks some things such as "now that I can call a function from the server, and the server back to the client script, how can I call the function attached to the scene to update the player's UI?"
This leads me to the error "Can't call non-static function "updateLabel" in script".
The updateLabel() function is located in the Player.tscn, where the client script named is a singleton.
Don't worry about knowing my code, I just need a really good answer as to how these things SHOULD work. May I request though to not be too technical (except networking terms, I can understand those) so I can ask less questions.

What I think I know: Server Project -> Create a singleton server script that initializes the server, add a node to save project Client Project -> Create a singleton client script that initializes the client Client Project -> Create a player scene (I made a simple chat scene consisting of a send button, line edit, and display label)
Copy player scene to Server Project folder
Server Project -> When client connects, instance player scene as a child of the server node Client Project -> When text is inserted and button press, send an rpc_id(1, "changeText", text) to server Server Project -> Add a remote func "changeText(text)" and send an rpc("updateLabel", text) to all connected clients Client Project -> Add a remote func "updateLabel(text)" and what now??? How do I tell the player scene to $Label.text = text?
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2022.01.25 08:45 Veinhelm Just turned 13 today, so here's the best pic of me I have. #brocken

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2022.01.25 08:45 Sorry_Attitude_ Mom loves her child very much

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2022.01.25 08:45 LSAT_Blog Quick LSAT Tips For Logic Games Logical Reasoning And Reading Comprehension

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2022.01.25 08:45 RealSuperDucky Looking for kingdom realm

Looking for a kingdom realm with pvp allowed and where u can make a kingdom and pvp each other also have active players as me and my friends are look for a new one as our old one got boring we are all very skilled
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2022.01.25 08:45 flakey_salt69 SJSU appeal process

So, due to covid, there is a delay in my 7th-semester results. SJSU requires a WES evaluation of 7 semesters but I sent only 6 semesters which they declined. So, I told them about my situation and they told me that I can either appeal if my application is withdrawn or move my application to a new program.
Can someone explain how to appeal process works? If it does not work, I am thinking of moving my application from MSCS to MSSE.
I could ask SJSU but they don't reply to mails properly and don't lift the calls. As an international student, I stay up till 2 am just to talk to them.
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2022.01.25 08:45 JulieVex do i look good in a suit?

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2022.01.25 08:45 BigBill5929 Help

just bought a new Laptop Dell G5 15 SE , Ryzen 7 4800H , 5600M mainly for editing and for casual gaming for $1200 and many for my friends are saying I made a mistake by buying it 🥲 what are your thoughts please give tell me about
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2022.01.25 08:45 NicDraconis Reliable SSD that won’t break the bank?

Basically what the title says? Looking for a good SSD that won’t break the bank. I have seen Seagate have some good ones? Are they actually any good? Or should I lean more towards something like Samsung?
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2022.01.25 08:45 --AUSAR-- My 30 worriers. What do you think ?

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2022.01.25 08:45 Vy_keen You gotta love the games name system

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2022.01.25 08:45 s0l14reddituhh Must We Like The 120 Pages Which We Write?

So here's the thing.

How the hell am I supposed to like what film I'm making if it's not showing foreign ways of living, rather my ways of living in various characters to avoid superficial & fake art in the writing which I end up not liking?

Is it because I don't like my life? Or is it simply stale to look into one's self? Do I need to dig deeper, though I feel that I'm already nearing the deep end in my pool?

My cycle of continuous hell:
I don't like my own personal writing because it's not foreign & intriguing to me=I erase, redo, and redo, and end up with superficial & fakeness=I erase, and restart the cycle another day.

This then begs the questions: Are we really supposed to like what we screenwrite? Does not liking our writing means it's more or less personal? Does not liking our writing mean it's trash? Will people really find interest in my ways of living which are foreign to them, but not me?
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2022.01.25 08:45 Mysterious-Border776 Check my grenadesss

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2022.01.25 08:45 MisterGuy01 Soothing

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2022.01.25 08:45 Healthy-Bullfrog-824 Underboob tattoo experience?

I have multiple tattoos already and I’m looking at a small underboob as my next one. For those who have gotten one, how was the healing process as opposed to other locations like the ribcage? After it’s healed and you start wearing bras again, did the tattoo fade or discolor over time due to the bra rubbing it? And, lastly…… do you really have to be completely topless when getting it done and how awkward was it. I’ll need to really be picky when choosing an artist if by boobs have to be on full display
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2022.01.25 08:45 diypizzapotpie What religious standpoint do you think the minions have?

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2022.01.25 08:45 HotMetalKnives RL-PUUKKO | RivetLock-Puukko | "Rölli puukko" from land of Finns. I absolutely love forging these. Perkele.

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2022.01.25 08:45 YSSReddy How do they Decide which end of the pitch to start the match from ?

This question has been bugging me for a while now. Hope this is the right place to ask it.
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2022.01.25 08:45 Major_Giraffe8841 My parrot:does something cute. Me grabs my phone.My parrot:

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2022.01.25 08:45 Mutes Transmog I progressed this tier with. It may be simple, but I felt it fit really well astetically as a fire mage this tier.

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2022.01.25 08:45 MarkoOttoYT Kakashi v/s Itachi (Ninja Fight) No Dojutsu/Visual Prowess, only Ninjutsu and Taijutsu

Kakashi and Itachi can use any of their Ninjutsu or Taijutsu.

Fight Location : Death Valley
Kakashi can't use his Sharingan, Chidori and Raikiri
Itachi can't use Sharingan (means he can't use Sharingan Genjutsu, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susano'o)
View Poll
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2022.01.25 08:45 buddhadharmapractice Monthly Discussion Group for Lam Rim Year - FPMT

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2022.01.25 08:45 ezproofs777 Thoughts on De-ranking

People say that de-ranking is bad and unfair, but let me show you another perspective.
I've been playing for 3 weeks, I have bought zero cards or packs with GODS or cash, I play suboptimal zoo Nature Deck and didn't have any lucky drops (the deck has only 1 copy of Marsh Walker and 1 copy of Black Jaguar).
I've been crushing everything till Diamond with it, getting ~20 wins every weekend event, and yes, I'm de-ranking to Twilight Shadow every week.
So what exactly am I trying to say you would ask? My point is that I've been crushing these lower ranks purely by my skill because my deck is suboptimal, I haven't invested any money in it, haven't had any lucky drops and haven't played long enough to accumulate good cards.
But if I go to Mythic I will lose a BIG portion of games only because I will go against stronger, perfected decks and even if I were the best player in the world my deck would still not be able to decently compete at that rank.
So how exactly it is unfair to stay at lower ranks where people can build the exact same deck as me and it's only a matter of 'learn to play' because everyone has equally 'bad' cards/decks.
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2022.01.25 08:45 su0981630464 Sawed-off HFC VSR-11

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